Best Slim Belt for Ladies in India

Best Slim Belt for Ladies in India

Best Slim Belt for Ladies in India

With Dual Compression Technology the Gizmobaba Slimming belt is here to give you an hour glass figure you have been craving for.

This dual belt gives you an immediate slimmer look in just 30 seconds by making your waistline narrower.

You can wear this belt under your clothes or on top, it fits in snugly and makes you appear slimmer, and also gives support to your back.

Materials: This belt is durable and made up of soft fabric that comforts your body without any suffocation.

The center part of the belt is made of breathable and elastic netted material so it can expand and keep you comfortable and let your skin breathe.

To wear, remove the velcro of the outer smaller belt, now put the inner big belt around your waist and attach it with the velcro.

After attaching the outer belt, pull the outer smaller belt over the inner belt and tighten it and then attach it with the velcro.

You can get an hourglass figure instantly!

You won’t feel stuck in it because it is adjustable and can be loosened or tightened according to your need.

It does not feel uncomfortable or stuffy and gives you the freedom of movement to even jog or work out wearing the belt.

You can wear the belt anytime and anywhere, while working in the kitchen at home or even at your desk in the office.

You can even hide your baby body by wearing the belt.

Since it is adjustable you can use it even after you lose weight and become a size smaller.

Wear it While Working Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or actively getting the job done, the slim belt can be worn all day!

On a Jog, Biking or Running, Combine the Slim Belt with any exercise to accelerate your progress and see results faster!

Note: Product is Free Size, can be worn if your waist size is upto 40 inches.

Colour: Black or Beige. Random colour will be shipped.

It comes with the Gizmobaba Replacement Warranty so buy with PEACE OF MIND!

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