Best High Power Tactical Led Torch Light in India

High Power Tactical Led Torch Light

Best High Power Tactical Led Torch Light in India

Gizmobaba brings you a Super Powerful Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch Gadget which is a must have for every home office and car/bike!

Gizmobaba is the only brand of gadgets that comes with a replacement warranty.

This torch comes with a 1 year warranty on LED bulb and 3 Months Replacement Warranty on the full torch.

You can twist the knob to increase or decrease the focus of the light, you can get a Wide Light to cover a large area or a Focused Light to cover a small area with more brightness.

The High Tech Lens ensures a powerful beam of light that goes as far as 100m and in a dark field it can be seen from 1km away!

NOTE: In case of emergency, if the torch is used in flashing emergency mode with narrow focus, it can be used to call for help and in a dark field , it will be visible flashing upto 1km away. This does not mean that the area 1km away will be lit up.

The Super Powerful Torch comes with a built in Rechargeable Battery that can last upto 3 hours on a full charge. The LED Lamp has a life of upto 100,000 hours.

The torch comes with with a charging cable for the rechargeable battery. Car charger is not included and can be purchased at an extra charge.

The torch can be used in ON Mode and also in FLASHING Mode to signal in case of an emergency.

Torch length: 15cm

Diameter: 3cm

Bulb Capacity: 3W LED bulb, 300 Lumens (5 times more powerful than standard big steel torch)

Battery capacity: 2200mAh-2800mAH 3.7V. Lasts upto 3 hours on full charge.

Package Weight: 200 grams

This product comes with the Gizmobaba Replacement Warranty, so buy with Peace of Mind.