Best Hair Loss Concealer Powder in India

Best Hair Loss Concealer Powder in India

Best Hair Loss Concealer Powder in India

Gizmobaba Hair Loss Concealer is an effective totally natural solution for hair loss.

Instantly eliminates bald spots or appearance of thinning hair.

Perfect natural look, totally undetectable even from close up, lasts all day and all night through wind, rain and sweat.

It will not smear or stain your skin or clothing.

Simply sprinkle on balding areas, and see your hair loss disappear in less than 30 seconds! Works for both men and women!

Extremely safe, it’s made of keratin protein and bonds to hair instantly, making it thicker and fuller.

When you sprinkle the Hair Fibers to your hair in the thinning area, the fibers automatically cling to your hair like millions of tiny magnets, and your hair thickens instantly, thus eliminating bald spots and thinning areas.

The hair fibre holds on to your hair for a full 24 hours, and won’t budge with wind or rain or even with perspiration.

To remove, simply shampoo your hair and scrub and rinse.

One package is sufficient for 50-100 uses depending upon the amount of thinning.

It comes in a small handy bottle which is also easy to carry when you travel.

Note: For external use only. Keep out of reach of Children. Avoid contact with eyes. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse eyes with water.

Weight: 25gms

Colour: Natural Black

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